From the Editor

From The Editor

John L. Garland
Associate Editor-cum-Acting Editor
Alabama State University

This exciting issue of Developments presents readers with several opportunities for celebration as well as several opportunities for thoughtful reflection. Rarely does the Developments Associate Editor-cum-Acting Editor have the opportunity to introduce such broad offerings.

Kicking off the celebrations (literally) is the BIG announcement that our Editor, Amanda Suniti Niskode-Dossett who, along with her husband and partner, welcomed Malati Norah into the world on January 4th.  We are all very excited, or at least I am, because we have our fingers crossed that Malati inherits her mom’s exceptional editorial skills! We also pay tribute to our longest serving columnist, Robert Hendrickson, who is retiring. Appropriately, Jason Lane and Jeffrey Sun share their thoughts on Robert’s many contributions to higher education and ACPA.

This year we are also celebrating the 75th Anniversary of the Student Personnel Point of View (SPPV).  ACPA’s current and incoming presidents, Heidi Levine and Keith Humphrey teamed up to remind us how important the SPPV has been and continues to be for organizing the important work of our profession. Following their insightful article, Sally Click and Michael Coomes reflect on Melvene Draheim Hardee’s speech celebrating SPPV’s 50th Anniversary from 1987. They reflect on the importance of the 50th Anniversary celebration and reintroduce Hardee’s speech (which is reprinted in its entirety). Together, the SPPOV 75th Anniversary articles are an extraordinary read and I encourage you to grab a cup of coffee, tea, or your favorite beverage, sit back, and enjoy this amazing journey through time as we revisit the past and consider the future of student affairs.

This issue also kicks off a new series coordinated by the Standing Committee on Disability focused on Universal Design.  Melanie Thompson explains why Universal Design is important to facilitating student development and learning in higher education. As if that weren’t enough, this issue also includes important perspectives from our colleagues in the Canadian Association of College and University Student Services (CACUSS). Executive Directors Jennifer Hamilton of CACUSS and ACPA’s Greg Roberts explore strengthening our alliance through deeper understanding of the similarities and unique differences in student affairs practice on both sides of our shared border. This issue also explores policy considerations related to differential treatment for campus residents who violate the law, and an in depth article with an analysis of today’s transfer student experience.

Our ongoing Legal and Global Affairs columns from Robert Hendrickson and Jason Lane, respectively, are thought provoking and insightful as usual – and both are a must read.  In addition, you will continue to find discussion questions following each article. These questions are designed to facilitate reflection, discussion, and professional development. We hope you take advantage of this developmental opportunity to share your own thoughts and reactions with colleagues as you peruse this issue of Developments.

Happy Reading and Happy Spring!


John L. Garland, Ph.D. is an assistant professor at Alabama State University.

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