Case Studies Overview for Volume 20, Issue 4

To make this issue more useful, the cases are divided into categories, though the issues they raise cut across roles on campus, ethical issues, and other topics. In addition to the specifics of each case, we just center the people involved and their identities, spheres of influence, experiences, and needs. Reviewing each case will help you identify the cases that best suit your needs and interests.


  • Implementation Fidelity in First-Year Experience Programs by Emily Braught

Career Preparation and Transition

  • Career Confusion by MarySheila Ebri
  • Breaking Out of the Silo in Student Affairs by Alex Rosenberry, Amber Davies, and Kayla Hood

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Access, and Belonging

  • Working in the Crosshairs: Complex Decision-Making in Anti-DEI Political Times by Dustin Evatt
  • Supporting Students with Differing Beliefs by Chris King
  • Balancing Personal Values With Job Responsibilities by Audrey McKinney, Amber Davies and Kayla Hood
  • Just a Regular Student and His Soapbox by Kayla Steele Payne


  • Pressure from Above: Implementing Change Amid Resistance by Lisa Budrick
  • The Best for the Job by Marjorie Campbell

Student Identity, Experiences, and Needs

  • Because of How I Sound: Regional Dialects and Institutional Response by Jeremiah Farmer
  • Penny for your Thoughts: Student Emergency Funding in Action by Molly Callahan
  • Gossip and the Gray Area: Navigating Friendships and Boundaries between Students and Staff by Alexa Gonzalez

Student Organizations

  • When Community Isn’t Constructive by Erin Hassenstab
  • Revisiting the Basics by Joy Heinzman
  • Rookie Knight by Sara Jurkiewicz and Gavin Fredrichsen


  • I’m Putting My Supervisor Hat On by Katie Chaney and Mikayla Russ
  • Staff Support Needs by Amber Davies, Victoria Goetzinger, and Kayla Hood