From the President

From the President

Keith Humphrey
ACPA President
Cal Poly

At this time of year, one of the most common questions I get asked is, “Has your year as ACPA President been what you expected?”

The short answer is no. I am not sure it ever is what you expect when you lead a dynamic association of creative professionals. It is not about one person, that is for sure. However, I have realized that the longer answer is both yes and no – it was a year of both expectations I could bring with me into the role and surprises that made my term a uniquely special experience.

Like all Presidents who came before me, I entered my year with goals and objectives that I wanted to see occur under my leadership. I am proud to say that many of those were achieved including ACPA’s first Think Tank focusing on our role in creating a civil society and our inaugural Institute for Aspiring SSAO’s that explored how issues of identity impact the most senior level positions. I look forward to seeing these grow in the coming years.

But there were also lots of surprises along the way. I had the honor of experiencing higher education in three other countries and exploring ways that ACPA can assist international colleagues in helping their students and develop partnerships that help U.S. professionals help their students.

We also began the process of leadership transition as Gregory Roberts, one of ACPA’s proudest and most loyal members, announced his resignation in June of 2014. Rest assured, we are working to identify the next Executive Director who will build on all of Greg’s accomplishments.

And the biggest surprise of all has been in the planning for the annual convention. Led by Karen Warren Coleman, the convention team has received over 1,100 program proposals, record numbers of registrants and C3 candidates, and the highest level of networking socials in recent years. They have exceeded expectations.

In less than a week, thousands of student affairs and higher education professionals will convene on Las Vegas as ACPA advances professional development and enjoys the convention team’s hard work at our 89th Annual Convention. We will honor our association’s value of collaboration with others as we co-locate our convention with NIRSA’s Annual Convention. I encourage ACPA members to take advantage of both conventions’ educational curriculum, networking, and exhibits for the fullest possible Las Vegas experience.

We will also transition leadership as I hand over the ACPA Presidency to Dr. Kathleen Kerr of the University of Delaware. Kathleen loves this association as much as those who have preceded her as President, and I am confident that she will be an excellent leader as we enter our 90th year. I am also confident that a year from now her answer to my opening question will also be both yes and no.

Thank you for the opportunity to be your ACPA President. It is a professional honor that I will always cherish.

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