Message from the Editor

Happy January, Everyone.

Congratulations on making it through another term. First and foremost, thank you for all you do and the difference you make. Second, please protect some time for yourselves in the coming weeks. We each have a lot to recover from and reflect upon. Rest will help us be there for ourselves the rest of this academic year.

As you reflect and plan for the future, we are happy to provide you with resources in the form of the second annual case study issue of Developments. Again this year we have a great set of cases for onboarding, training, staff development, classroom activities, and so on. Thank you to each of our authors for these contributions. You will find these cases set the stage for important dialogue we need to be having right now.

Finally, if you have an idea for an article or a case study, please reach out and let us help you craft it for Developments. We are proud of the number of students and practitioners who publish here each semester. The frontline, student-facing perspectives are valuable and because of our rolling submissions and the fact that we publish quarterly, we get to highlight issues as they are unfolding. We are proud to share reflections, strategies, programmatic initiatives, and current affairs and topics from those of you who are doing the work in the moment. We certainly welcome scholarly and research articles as well. Again, if you have questions or ideas, please reach out.

We also welcome those of you interested in reviewing articles. We are excited to finally have rebuilt Developments so that we have articles in the pipeline for future issues. As the popularity of the publication grows, we have opportunities for reviewers to join our team. It is not a huge time commitment and it is incredibly rewarding to support authors through the process to publication.

Again, thanks for all you have done, are doing, and will do in the future. Here’s to a more peaceful and joyful future.

Michelle Boettcher

Editor, Developments

[email protected]