From the Editor – Fall 2015

I am always struck by the seasons of transition – fall and spring. My own life has been filled with several transitions the past few months: moving to a new role in the profession as a faculty member at Sam Houston State University; a new city and state, with all the excitement, trepidation, and cost associated; and attempting to increase healthy habits in my life: more regular exercise, better eating, sleeping, and more down time.

I hope during this autumn of transition you will find time to begin thinking, implementing, or considering transitions in your life. One place to begin is thinking about partnerships. In this issue, Dr. Cindi Love, ACPA Executive Director, discusses the importance of partnerships to our professional work and obligations as higher education and college student educators.  Strategically our partnerships are about relationships – those people, places, sentient beings, and materials that help us thrive. Dr. Love’s piece reminds me that cultivating these relationships is critical to our success as professionals.

This issue contains some insightful research.  Danny Zebb’s article on college men and spirituality not only introduces a new concept to my lexicon, the sacred narrative, but reminds us that spirituality occurs on campus daily.  How men navigate and understand this spirituality is important.  Krista Soria and Brandon Alkire provide insights on the continued importance of understanding sense of belonging on campus. Their article presents research on Native American college students.

Our Feature Articles continue a long tradition of thought-provoking scholarship.  Jason Lane discusses the importance of expanding access to Study Abroad for students, as well as how campuses can build partnerships to do so.  Marisa Vernon speaks to the power of partnering with transient students on two-year campuses, not only to ensure their success, but also for purposes of enhancing institutional success.  In our Ethical Issues column, Anne Hornak provides insights from Dr. Stan Carpenter on ethics in practice.

Lastly, there are two pieces I would consider reflective from faculty members in the profession.  Jacqueline Hodes discusses the transition into faculty life, providing insights for college student educators seeking to build partnerships with faculty. Matthew Shupp discusses what he learned about becoming a better Ally during the ACPA 2015 convention.

Lastly, I hope you will read Gavin Henning’s update, which discusses his upcoming Presidential Symposium. Enjoy your fall semester and this issue of Developments.

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