From the Editor

From the Editor

Welcome to the summer issue of Developments. In this issue we begin a new series that provides voices to our graduate students and will be complemented by thoughts from staff and faculty.  We expect these voices to continue throughout several issues of Developments. Tom Segar from the University of Maryland reflects on his decision to pursue his Ph.D. and the wisdom he has gained during his first year in his program.  The staff article highlights interviewing tips for new professionals.

In addition to these articles Jason Lane, in our Legal Issues article, explores and the role of student affairs professionals with this medium and others like it.  Jane Fried provides a timely piece on using ACPA’s newStatement of Ethical Principles and Standards practically.

For those members who were unable to attend the Conventions, the President’s Convention address is included in its entirety. Executive Director, Greg Roberts, updates us on Capitol Hill issues and President Jeanne Steffes provides a thank you to the many volunteers who helped ensure the success of ACPA and the annual Convention this past year.  Jeanne also highlights successful endeavors of ACPA over the last year of which one is the publication of Learning Reconsidered 2.

Learning Reconsidered 2 is a follow up Learning Reconsidered (2002) and as the “the behind the colon” title suggests, this new publication focuses on the implementation of concepts from Learning Reconsidered.  As invested members of higher education, this document explores our collaborative efforts to ensure learning in the environment.  It provides current examples of this collaboration and provides ideas for new links that student affairs staff may choose to explore with others committed to learning in the academy.   If you have not had a chance to read this wonderful document, I suggest adding it to your summer reading and consider how you may incorporate the content in professional staff training, classroom experiences, and with the many other university staff and faculty with whom you interact on a regular basis.

Good luck as summer arrives and you gear up for summer campus activities, plan for fall, and energize yourself for academic year 2006-2007.

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