So You Want to Write/Edit a Book? – Mimi Benjamin & Jody Jessup-Anger

Many professionals and faculty members have important ideas to share with our higher ed colleagues, and ACPA Books is one venue for publishing that offers a great deal of support in the process.  Prior to embarking on a book query, one question a potential writer should ask is this – is there a sufficient audience such that the book will sell?  Certainly, the reason to publish a book is to share valuable knowledge and perspectives with professionals in our field (and even other fields), but publishing companies also have to consider whether the book will bring in revenue.  ACPA Books is fortunate to have a partnership with Stylus Publishing, a leading publisher of student affairs and higher education materials.  Our Stylus editor, David Brightman, shared a few questions that he considers when reviewing all proposed books, and we encourage you to ponder these questions when you think about submitting your proposal:

  1. Who needs this book? Does this book map directly onto someone’s job?
  2. What do they need this book for?
  3. What will they do with it (the book/the information) once they have it?

These questions can help guide the framing of your proposal toward the appropriate audience and determine whether the best way to make your information available is through a book or another venue.  ACPA offers mechanisms for disseminating information beyond books, so do keep in mind that although your concept might not necessarily be fitting for a full book, the information may be needed by our field.  And ACPA can help you find the right way to get that information out!  For more information about ACPA Books, please visit:

Mimi Benjamin & Jody Jessup-Anger
Co-Editors, ACPA Books