Memorial Resolution: Edward Grandpré

Memorial Resolution: Edward Grandpré

Whereas, the American College Personnel Association and the student affairs profession mourn the passing of Edward Grandpré on March 17, 2006; and

Whereas, Ed was an Assistant Professor of Higher Education at Clemson University, had been the Director of Student Services in the College of Education at the University of Georgia and had served the student affairs profession and students at Mississippi State University, the Ohio State University and Florida State University; and

Whereas, Ed served the Association as immediate past chair of the ACPA Assessment Commission and is remembered by assessment and other commissions for his spark, his humor, and his focus on student learning; and

Whereas, Ed had two daughters—Hannah and Claire—and his good and trusty dog, Scout, to whom he brought companionship, wisdom, and love;

Now therefore be it resolved that the American College Personnel Association thanks Ed for the many gifts he has shared with individuals, the student affairs profession, and the world of higher education.

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