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We hope you enjoy this issue of Developments and the following articles provide opportunities for discussion and learning in your office and/or classroom. We are always looking for creative article ideas! Please send to [email protected].


We are excited to present a NEW series, The Scholar Practitioner, in the Spring 2010 issue of Developments.

The purpose of this Developments series is to explore different perspectives of what it means to be a scholar practitioner, the various ways in which one can be a scholarship practitioner, and the impact doing so has on one’s personal and professional life. The contributing authors of this series address how they have approached being a scholar practitioner, the challenges and opportunities that accompany their approach, and recommendations for others who also want to want to pursue a career where scholarship and practice are purposefully interwoven.

Ralph Kidder kicks off the series with his in perspective on administrators engaging in the research process.

In this issue, we also present the final installment of our five-part series, Making the Leap: Transitioning from Student Affairs Administrator to Professor, with an article by Megan Moore Gardner and Jeni Hart on surviving the first year as a faculty member. They provide thoughtful recommendations to help new faculty be successful.


As always, we present our two feature columns on Ethics and Legal issues. Michael Ignelzi discusses a new ethics consultation service that was designed and proposed by the Ethics Committee and recently approved by the ACPA Governing Board. This service to ACPA members will be available immediately following this spring’s 2010 Convention in Boston. Robert Hendrickson discusses the legal issues surrounding Christian student organizations’ membership eligibility and discrimination based on sexual orientation and religion.


Developments continues to be interested in featuring Innovating Ideas and Perspectives on timely issues from emerging, seasoned, and senior scholars and practitioners. In this issue, we offer readers an article on a flexible student development program for today’s incredibly busy student by David Bonsall, Rachel Harris, and Seth Hill-Kennedy. In addition, Jammie Jelks shares her perspective on alternatives to race-conscious admissions.

As you may know, the Council for the Advancement of Standards in Higher Education (CAS) just celebrated 30 years of inter-associational collaboration in the development of standards of practice for quality programs and services leading to intentional student outcomes. To commemorate this event, Susan Komives discusses the history and development of Learning Outcomes and also provides an update on the national alignment and the new CAS standards.


In One Dupont Circle, ACPA Executive Director, Greg Roberts, provides updates on new and ongoing association initiatives including providing member benefits to professional members outside of higher education and offering economic recovery plan for members who have lost their positions due to budget cuts. Then, in his last President’s Note, Tom Jackson reflects on the relationships he has developed with friends and colleagues through ACPA.

The announcement section provides information about the 20th Anniversary National Leadership Symposium: Transforming Leadership Education for Significant Learning. In this announcementSusan Komives outlines the purpose of the symposium, along with the theme and corresponding learning outcomes.

Developments is a quarterly online publication that connects ACPA members to cutting edge issues, trends, and scholarship in higher education and students affairs. It also serves as the primary source of Association news, programs, services, and resources. Through the voices of emerging, seasoned, and senior scholars and practitioners, Developments articles provide engaging perspectives that enhance the work of college and university educators.

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