ACPA – College Student Educators International Launches Mid-Level Community of Practice

ACPA – College Student Educators International Launches Mid-Level Community of Practice

ACPA has always offered programs and services uniquely designed for mid-level professionals in student affairs. Those programs have included not only convention offerings but also the Donna Bourassa Mid-Level Management Institute, and the saGROW mentoring program to name just two. ACPA has now added even more for the mid-level professional in student affairs: the ACPA Mid-Level Community of Practice!

The ACPA Mid-Level Community of Practice – with an internal governance structure similar to existing ACPA commissions and standing committees – offers a vehicle through which mid-level members can identify and participate in programs and services with their unique needs in mind. The mission of the Mid-level Community of Practice (ML COP) is to encourage, develop, and deliver programs and services focused on the needs of mid-level professionals in student affairs. Our offerings will include but not be limited to convention programs, pre-conferences, roundtables and other programming as well as offerings throughout the year which may include leadership opportunities within ACPA, webinars, publications, drive in conferences, dial in discussions, mentoring opportunities, networking possibilities, and other forms of programming designed for our audience. In essence, we will foster a mid-level community of practice that will sustain and enrich professionals throughout the year.

Recognizing that many definitions or conceptualizations exist, we define mid-level as more than five years of fulltime experience in student affairs and not a senior student affairs officer – a broad categorization. For some professionals, mid-level is a position at which they wish to remain for their professional careers. The reasons for doing so are as unique as the individuals themselves and may encompass not only professional concerns but personal concerns as well. Likewise, some professionals see the mid-level as a stepping-stone to senior level opportunities. It is for this broad group of mid-level professionals that the Mid-Level Community of Practice will offer programs and services designed to enrich our professional practice.

How do I join ACPA’s Mid-Level Community of Practice?

Log onto and click on Member Profile at the top right. After entering your username and password, click on “Get More Involved” on your Member Profile page. From the list of groups within ACPA, click on Mid-Level Community of Practice. You will start to receive listserv messages whenever they are posted to members of the ML COP.

ML COP Leadership Opportunities

The ACPA Mid-Level Community of Practice is led by members of an interim directorate. When ACPA elections are held in November-December 2013, opportunities exist for you to seek office as a member of the directorate that will take office at ACPA Convention 2014. Our website will keep you informed on opportunities to seek office with the ACPA ML COP.

How can I stay informed and participate in ACPA’s ML COP?

Visit the Mid-Level Community of Practice homepage on the ACPA website to learn more.

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