Volume 13, Issue 4 (Winter 2015)

From One Dupont Circle – Winter 2015

Cindi Love, ACPA Executive Director “Since when do you have to agree with people to defend them from injustice?” Lillian Hellman

From the President – Winter 2015

Gavin W. Henning, ACPA President Greetings. I hope the first semester is finishing up smoothly and everyone is looking forward to

Providing Spaces on College Campuses and through Social Media for Men of Color to Offer Counterstories

Cameron C. Beatty, Iowa State University Cristobal Salinas Jr., Florida Atlantic University In recognition of the recent 30th anniversary of the Standing

Historical Keys to Open Access in Community Colleges Between 1940 and the Mid-1970’s

Deborah Anderson, Ivy Tech Community College – Southwest/Wabash Valley Region The Commission on Student Development in the 2 Year College is

Unprepared First Generation Students: Developing Autonomous Learning Strategies through College Academic Coaching

Kimberly M. Florence, University of Nevada Las Vegas In the United States, billions of dollars are spent yearly toward remedial education

Keeping Student Services Relevant in a Virtual World

Christopher Giroir & Christine Austin, Arkansas Tech University There are not many guarantees in higher education, but one that is certain is

Strengths as a “Career Compass”: Helping Undergraduate Students Navigate their Career Development through Strengths Awareness and Development

Krista M. Soria, Brooke Arnold, & Katy Hinz, University of Minnesota Jeremy Williams, University of St. Thomas Career development professionals in higher education institutions

Ethical Perspectives on the ACPA/NASPA Professional Competencies

Jonathan O’Brien, California State University Long Beach A new version of the Professional Competency Areas for Student Affairs Educators (ACPA &

Overcoming the Competition and Ensuring Higher Education Quality in a Growing Global Market

Tadd Kruse, American University of Kuwait The mobility of populations is an ever-present concern given ongoing global conflicts and plights, resulting

Life Off-Campus: A Personal Reflection

Marisa Vernon, Cuyahoga Community College I recently changed jobs, taking on more administrative responsibility and strategic leadership. My current position has