Next Gen 2014: Reinventing Student Affairs for Social Justice

Next Gen 2014: Reinventing Student Affairs for Social Justice

Next Gen 2014 is a unique opportunity for undergraduate students to learn about careers in student affairs. The conference will introduce participants to ACPA – College Student Educators International and student affairs, invite them to consider opportunities for professional involvement and graduate preparation, develop strong connections among participants, and facilitate meaningful interactions between participants, practitioners, and scholars.

ACPA’s Next Generation Conference (Next Gen 2014) will take place Saturday and Sunday, March 29-30, 2014, prior to the start of the ACPA 2014 Convention in Indianapolis.  Registration is $125.  In addition, Next Gen 2014 participants may register for the ACPA 2014 Convention at an exclusive discounted rate of $150, a savings of $125 (the actual combined registration cost for Next Gen 2014 and ACPA 2014 is $275).

The Next Gen 2014 planning team has developed a program with a central focus on social justice and innovative presenters and formats.  We are especially excited about our new, creative format for meaningful interactions and dialogue between Next Gen participants and Entity Groups (the commissions and standing committees of ACPA).

Keynote speakers will focus on social justice as the foundation of student affairs. On Saturday, March 29:

  • Gretchen Metzelaars (2014 ACPA Convention Chair), Kathleen Kerr (ACPA President), and Cynthia Love (newly appointed ACPA Executive Director) will welcome Next Gen 2014 participants and share their perspectives on serving the association and the profession through a social justice lens.
  • Kristin Skarie, President of Teamworks and Vice President of the ACPA Foundation Board, will facilitate “flashback” and “flash forward” conversations to introduce individual reflection and a sense of purpose.
  • becky martinez, an independent consultant and trainer with Infinity Martinez and a Social Justice Training Institute faculty member, will emphasize the connection between individual reflection and organizational and social change, and how student affairs professionals can facilitate such change.
  • Thomas C. Segar, Vice President for Student Affairs and Affiliate Graduate Professor at Shepherd University, will illuminate the possibilities for organizational and social change in student affairs by sharing his own journey as an administrator, educator, scholar, and proud member of ACPA.

On Sunday, March 30:

  • Stephen J. Quaye, Assistant Professor of Student Affairs and Higher Education at Miami University and one of three theorists invited to deliver a HEd Talk at the 2014 ACPA convention, will facilitate a dialogue about social justice as a core value of the profession.
  • Next Gen participants will also have an exclusive opportunity to spend time with Cathy Bao Bean, author of The Chopsticks-Fork Principle and chair of the Society for Values in Higher Education, who will deliver an innovative HEd Talk at the 2014 ACPA convention.

As excited as we are about “reinventing” through Next Gen 2014, we need help from this generation to encourage the next generation of student affairs professionals to attend this conference. Seldom if ever do students find our field without the help of someone who is already in it. Many of us can trace our involvement in the profession to a small group of professionals who encouraged us to take the first step. Next Gen 2014 might be the next step.  Please encourage students to register!

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