Developments, Volume 8, Issue 1 (Spring 2010)

  • Surviving the First Year: Challenges, Benefits, and Tips for a Successful Faculty Experience

    Surviving the First Year: Challenges, Benefits, and Tips for a Successful Faculty Experience

    Megan Moore Gardner
    University of Akron
    Jeni Hart
    University of Missouri

    The purpose of this five- part Developments series is to provide insight into making the transition from student affair practitioner to student affairs faculty. Contributors discuss career trajectories, the ...

  • From the President

    March 24-28, 2010 ACPA will host the annual convention in the vibrant city of Boston.  ACPA is fortunate, nearly half of its 8,500 members attend the convention, and so far over 22 countries will be represented. This, in part, makes ACPA special.  ACPA is a home where friends and colleagues come together every year to ...

  • 20th Anniversary National Leadership Symposium Transforming Leadership Education for Significant Learning University of Richmond July 8th – 11th 2010
    THURSDAY, APRIL 15, 2010 – 19:39

    About the Symposium

    The National Leadership Symposium is a professional development experience designed for faculty members, student affairs professionals and other educators involved with promoting college student leadership education. The program is coordinated by the National ...

  • From the Editor

    We hope you enjoy this issue of Developments and the following articles provide opportunities for discussion and learning in your office and/or classroom. We are always looking for creative article ideas! Please send to [email protected].


    We are excited to present a NEW series, The Scholar Practitioner, in the Spring 2010 issue of Developments.

    The purpose of ...

  • Race-Conscious Admission Alternatives

    Since the 1960’s lawmakers, educators, and university administrators have debated race-based admission policies. During the past 50 years, many legislators and university administrators have worked to achieve equitable levels of minority student enrollment within American colleges and universities. Based on the goals, values, policy alternatives, the costs of ...

  • An Update on Learning Outcomes Focusing on the Council for the Advancement of Standards in Higher Education (CAS)

    In 2009, the Council for the Advancement of Standards in Higher Education (CAS) celebrated 30 years of inter-associational collaboration in the development of standards of practice for quality programs and services leading ...

  • A Flexible Student Development Program for Today’s Incredibly Busy Student

    Everyone has a Roger on their Campus…

    Roger, a student who commutes, is ...

  • ACPA’s New Ethics Consultation Service

    ACPA’s Governing Board recently approved a new ethics consultation service as designed and proposed by the Ethics Committee. This service to ACPA members will be available immediately following this spring’s ACPA 2010 Convention in Boston. The ethics consultation service is designed ...

  • From One Dupont Circle: Quarterly Update

    Greetings from One Dupont Circle!

    It is hard to believe that we have completed the first decade of the 21st century and started the second decade. Just a decade ago we were all wondering if Y2K was going to be the end of the world. Not ...

  • Administrators Engaging in the Research Process

    The purpose of this Developments series is to explore different perspectives of what it means to be a scholar practitioner, the various ways in which one can be a scholarship practitioner, and the impact doing so has on one’s personal and professional life. The contributing authors of this series ...

  • Christian student organizations’ membership eligibility and discrimination based on sexual orientation and religion

    In four recent judicial cases, student organizations at four institutions across the country have challenged their university’s denial of official recognition and/or funding from mandatory student fees because these organizations were believed to discriminate on the basis ...