Developments, Volume 4, Issue 3 (Fall 2006)

  • From the President
    Jeanne Steffes
    ACPA President
    Syracuse University

    Hello ACPA Colleagues! You helped make ACPA history! On July 1, 2006 your votes for the Bylaw amendments passed this important item by a significant margin! In early July, I worked at International Office in Washington, DC to begin planning the first steps of our Association’s collective next chapter. In mid-July, ACPA held ...

  • From One Dupont Circle: Quarterly Update
    Gregory Roberts
    ACPA Executive Director

    Greetings from One Dupont Circle!

    I trust each of you had a productive summer in preparation for the new academic year. It is difficult to believe the heat of the summer of 2006 is concluding and the challenges of new beginnings and new opportunities await us.

    With this issue of Developments, I want to ...

  • From the Editor

    From the Editor

    Fall has arrived! We continue to spotlight our graduate student voice series with personal stories from Master’s students Darren Pierre and Tamekka Cornelius. Darren shares his voice about his first ACPA Convention. Tamekka traveled to Ghana over the summer and shares some of her personal experiences and reflections from the trip. We complement Tamekka’s piece with Angela Simmons’ experiences on ACPA’s Cultural Study tour to Ghana.

    In addition to these articles Jane Fried examines student suicide in her ethics column and Robert Hendrickson addresses student academic freedom in ...

  • Thanks

    Thank You

    ACPA proudly recognizes and thanks members of the Governance Taskforce for their service and leadership to the Association.

    • Patty Perillo, Task Force Chair; Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs, University of Maryland, Baltimore County
    • Greg Blimling, ACPA Past President; Vice-President for Student Affairs, Rutgers University
    • Mela Dutka, Vice President for Student Affairs and Dean of Students, Washington College
    • Lee Hawthorne Calizo, Associate Director of Student Life, University of Maryland, Baltimore County
    • Keith Humphrey, Past Chair, Standing Committee for LGBTA (Standing Committee Representative); Interim Assistant Dean of Students, University of Arizona
    • Stacey Pearson, Past Director, ...
  • Sustainability – President’s Challenge
    Julie R. White
    State University of New York – ESF

    In her March 20, 2006 address, ACPA President Jeanne Steffes challenged Student Affairs professionals to “rise to play a greater role”. In doing so, she suggested that, as a profession, we continue our good work – helping to prepare students to be ethical, judicious, and participatory citizens – though ...

  • ACPA Awards – Call for Nominations
    T. Todd Masman
    ACPA Awards Chair
    Bemidji State University

    As a higher education community we are called to be “celebrative,” where there is rejoicing in what we accomplish and where we can be publicly proud of those accomplishments. At our recent 2006 convention in Indianapolis, over 190 individuals were recognized through our awards program for significant achievements ...

  • Student Academic Freedom: Politicizing the Classroom
    Robert M. Hendrickson
    Professor of Education and Associate Dean
    The Pennsylvania State University

    As the 2004 Presidential campaign developed, concerns began to emerge regarding student academic freedom in the classroom. Conservatives alleged that the higher education professoriate continues to be predominately liberal and this liberal bias taints their teaching. They maintain that students feel intimidated to ...

  • We are All at Risk of Suicide
    Jane Fried
    Associate Professor
    Central Connecticut State University

    Institutional responses and responsibilities to students who are potentially suicidal have been widely discussed recently. Institutions seem caught in a web of ambiguous conflicts. Do we have a duty to prevent suicide attempts? If there is such a duty legally or ethically, what evidence constitutes a credible basis ...

  • Ghana Experience – ACPA Cultural Study Experience
    Angela Simmons
    Millersville University (PA)

    I want to go to Ghana! Those simple words were more wishful thinking than an actual hope or dream. I could not even imagine how I would pay for such a trip. Long gone were the days of using my extra student loan money to take fun vacations. Besides, people like ...

  • Ghana Experience – Study Abroad
    Tamekka Cornelius
    University of Louisville

    Akwaaba!! Welcome! I had grown accustomed to hearing this greeting throughout my stay in the breathtaking country of Ghana, West Africa. After my first year as a College Student Personnel master’s student, this summer I trekked across the country with the University of Georgia’s School of Social Work and School of Education for ...

  • ACPA Thoughts – The Convention
    Darren Pierre
    University of Maryland

    I remember vividly my first experience at ACPA’s annual convention last spring in Nashville. In a way, I see my, now two, convention experiences as markers on my time in graduate school. My first annual meeting came with the excitement of both attending my first national convention and coordinating a large scale trip ...