Developments, Volume 4, Issue 2 (Summer 2006)

  • Practical Ethics: Using ACPA’s New Statement of Ethical Principles and Standards

    Practical Ethics: Using ACPA’s New Statement of Ethical Principles and Standards

    When it is time to solve a problem, theory and practice are often seen as leading to different courses of action. A comment such as, “That’s all well and good in theory, but let’s be practical about it,” is the standard way to frame this conflict. A different approach, attributed to Kurt Lewin, is “There’s nothing as practical as a good theory”. I subscribe to the Lewinian approach and believe that a good theory can provide guidelines for practice ...

  • From the President

    From the President

    ACPA President Jeanne Steffes

    Thank you for making the 2006 ACPA Convention a great success! We had more than 4000 guests join us in Indianapolis.  It was truly an honor for so many of you to join us as part your yearly professional renewal; a time to seek out new ways and ideas to serve students in the future and also to process and reflect upon this past year.  For many, the 2006 ACPA Indianapolis experience offered a chance to seek out a new professional opportunity or fill an ...

  • From One Dupont Circle: Quarterly Update

    Greetings from One Dupont Circle!

    This spring has been a very busy and as you might suspect in the nation’s capital the activity on the “Hill” has been swift:

    • No Higher Education Reauthorization Bill. As of this writing, Congress has returned from break and the discussion continues.  It is highly unlikely that any action will be taken on ...
  • An Overview of Uses and Limitations in Judicial Cases
    Jason E. Lane
    Assistant Professor
    University of North Dakota

    You walk out of your office to grab a file and notice your student worker quickly minimize a screen on his computer.  Curious, you ask him about it and he simply replies that he is “facebooking.”  Curiosity piqued, you inquire more.  Looking over his shoulder ...

  • ACPA Award Winners

    ACPA Award Winners

    These Association awards were announced at the Leadership Reception and Awards Ceremony during the Indianapolis Convention.

    Annuit Coeptis Award-Senior Professional: Jan L. Arminio, Shippensburg University; Linda M. Clement, University of Maryland; Tracy L. Davis, Western Illinois University.

    Annuit Coeptis Award-Emerging Professional: Elisa S. AbesMiami UniversityRashida Hiba GovanCommunity College of Baltimore CountyShaun R. Harper, Pennsylvania State UniversityAshley Mouberry SiemanUniversity of North Carolina Chapel HillJ. Malcolm SmithOhio University.

    Emerging Scholars: Elisa Abes, Miami University-OhioBrian BridgesGeorge Washington University.

    Senior Scholars:  William M. McDonaldPresbyterian CollegeRichard P. Keeling, Keeling & Associates, Inc.

    Senior Scholar Diplomate:  Robert B. Young, Ohio University – Athens.

    Senior ...

  • CAS Symposium

    CAS National Symposium

    Offered by the Council for the Advancement of Standards in Higher Education

    CAS Standards, Self-Assessment, and 
    Student Learning Outcomes in Higher Education

    November 12-14, 2006 
    Hilton Crystal City Hotel, Washington, DC

    Keynote Speakers:

    Richard P. Keeling, M.D. 
    Chief Executive Officer & Executive Consultant
    Keeling & Associates, Inc. (K&A)

    Susan Komives, Ed.D.
    Associate Professor of Counseling & Personnel Services 
    University of Maryland, College Park


    • “CAS Basics” – introduction to CAS materials & approach
    • Learning sessions
      1. Connecting Functional Areas to Student Learning Outcomes
      2. Frameworks for Assessing Learning Development Outcomes:
        Setting the Foundation for Imagining the Future
      3. Preparing for Institutional Accreditation
      4. Creating a Culture for Assessment
    • Round table discussions institution type
    • Round table discussions by ...
  • From the Editor

    From the Editor

    Welcome to the summer issue of Developments. In this issue we begin a new series that provides voices to our graduate students and will be complemented by thoughts from staff and faculty.  We expect these voices to continue throughout several issues of Developments. Tom Segar from the University of Maryland reflects on his decision to pursue his Ph.D. and the wisdom he has gained during his first year in his program.  The staff article highlights interviewing tips for new professionals.

    In addition to these articles Jason Lane, in our Legal ...

  • Interviewing Tips for Grad Students and New Professionals

    Interviewing Tips for Grad Students and New Professionals

    Summer is right around the corner and for graduate students and new professionals that means job searching and interviewing for a new or first professional experience.  Interviewing can be intimidating, but with the right information and preparation it does not have to be. Always remember that the interview is an opportunity not only for the interviewer to see if you are a good fit for the position and the institution, but for you to find a good fit for your skills, interests, ...

  • Memorial Resolution: Edward Grandpré

    Memorial Resolution: Edward Grandpré

    Whereas, the American College Personnel Association and the student affairs profession mourn the passing of Edward Grandpré on March 17, 2006; and

    Whereas, Ed was an Assistant Professor of Higher Education at Clemson University, had been the Director of Student Services in the College of Education at the University of Georgia and had served the student affairs profession and students at Mississippi State University, the Ohio State University and Florida State University; and

    Whereas, Ed served the Association as immediate past chair of the ACPA Assessment Commission and ...

  • Memorial Resolution: Jack Niven

    Memorial Resolution: Jack Niven

    Whereas, John “Jack” Niven received his bachelor’s and master’s degrees from Northeastern University, and

    Whereas, Jack was employed at Northeastern University in Residence Life from 1973-2002 and as the Director of University Housing at Temple University from 2002-2005, and

    Whereas, Jack oversaw the opening of Temple’s first residential classroom, and

    Whereas, Jack assisted with the development of Temple’s Student Leadership Challenge to nurture responsible student leaders, and

    Whereas, Jack passed away on December 5, 2005, and is greatly missed by students, staff, faculty, family, and alumni,

    Now therefore be it resolved, ...

  • New Publications from the Council for the Advancement of Standards (CAS) in Higher Eduation

    New Publications from the Council for the Advancement of Standards (CAS) in Higher Eduation

    CAS has announced it will suspend all sales of it old publications effective May 1, 2006, and will start taking orders for its new publications to be released on August 1, 2006.  In the interim, if colleagues want to purchase publications, they should realize the 2003 Book of Standards will be replaced with a new 5th edition.

    The Book of Standards to be released in August will introduce five new functional areas of standards and guidelines for:  College Honor Societies, ...

  • A Ph.D. Student Experience

    Every year the ACPA Convention offers a number of programs presented by current doctoral students offering their insights on successfully completing a doctoral program. Over the years I have attended several of these sessions hoping to ...

  • Presidential Address

    Presidential Address

    ACPA President Jeanne Steffes
    2006 Annual Convention, Indianapolis, IN

    Hello colleagues and friends.  I am very humbled to be able to serve you and our students again during the coming year as the ACPA President. It has been an honor and a privilege to have volunteered with so many of you on campus, and on several committees during the past 20 plus years.  For those of you I have not had the opportunity to work for, I look forward to working hard to make you proud of your connection to the student affairs profession and to maximize the value of your ...