Developments, Volume 4, Issue 1 (Spring 2006)

  • From One Dupont Circle: Quarterly Update
    Gregory Roberts
    ACPA Executive Director

    Happy New Year!

    The New Year is off to a very exciting beginning! Our colleagues in New Orleans are reopening and students returned in greater numbers than any had expected. Congratulations to the many student affairs educators and other academic colleagues for the untold hours and weeks of work to prepare a ...

  • Disciplinary Due Process in Sexual Assault Cases: Balancing the Rights of the Victim and the Rights of Accused.
    Robert M. Hendrickson
    Professor of Education and Associate Dean
    The Pennsylvania State University

    In recent years, sexual assault on campus, a topic not historically discussed in public, received national attention and was openly discussed on college campuses. Concerned that a significant number of assaults ...

  • Ten Ways to Enhance your 2006 ACPA Annual Convention Experience!
    Kirsten Freeman Fox
    University of Maryland

    Spring’s arrival means many of us will soon pack our bags for ACPA’s Annual Convention. A large convention such as ACPA can sometimes seem overwhelming. This compilation of helpful hints and strategies may assist you in your planning to make the most of your Convention experience.

    1. Before you ...
  • Ethics in the Real World
    Jane Fried
    Chair of the Ethics Committee, Associate Professor
    Central Connecticut State University

    The most widely discussed approach to ethics in student affairs is based on the notion that ethical principles can be used to analyze all ethical dilemmas and determine the most appropriate response to ethical dilemmas (Kitchener, 1985). This approach assumes that principles exist objectively, beyond the changing ...

  • Cultivate and Support Good Research!
    Susan R. Jones
    Director, Core Council for the Generation and Dissemination of Knowledge

    The generation and dissemination of knowledge is central to the mission, values, and activities of ACPA. Whether through our highly regarded and exemplary publications such as the Journal of College Student Development, About Campus, the books published through ACPA’s Books and Media, or the scholarly presentations ...

  • Multi-Institutional Study of Leadership

    Multi-Institutional Study of Leadership

    Susan R. Komives
    University of Maryland
    John Dugan
    University of Maryland

    The importance of college student leadership development, attention to civic engagement, and the pervasive role of assessing college outcomes have recently converged. After decades of college leadership development activities being largely focused on positional leaders, the last 20 years of leadership efforts have led to leadership majors, ...

  • Transitions


    SueAnn Strom, Ph.D., will join American Humanics, Inc. as vice president for academic partnerships effective January 1, 2006.  In accepting the position, Strom will step down as Associate Professor of Higher Education, University of Arkansas at Little Rock, a position she has held since 2000.

    Based in Kansas City, American Humanics is a national alliance that brings nonprofits, universities and community partners together to educate, prepare, and certify professionals to strengthen and lead nonprofit organizations.  As more students come to college with the desire to “make a difference,” American Humanics ...