Developments Volume 3, Issue 4 (Winter 2005)

  • Colleges, Courts, Congress, and Napster: Student Affairs’ Role in Reducing Illegal Copyright Piracy
    Jason E. Lane
    Assistant Professor
    University of North Dakota

    Colleges and universities remain at the epicenter of the file sharing movement, and thus at the heart of concerns regarding copyright infringement and piracy. College students created file sharing software such as Napster and i2hub. Postsecondary institutions number among the ...

  • From the Editor

    From the Editor

    In this issue you will hear a fresh new voice in our legal issues section. Jason Lane, Assistant Professor of Educational Leadership at the University of North Dakota joins Developments as an author for our Legal Issues column. He has agreed to share this responsibility with Robert Hendrickson who continues to write two articles each year. Dr. Lane has agreed to write the other two articles. His first article provides new information on file-sharing at college and universities. Please take a look.

    In addition to his piece, Greg Roberts provides ...

  • Hummingbirds and Hurricanes
    Jane Fried
    Chair of the Ethics Committee, Associate Professor
    Central Connecticut State University

    The hardest part of handling an ethical dilemma is knowing that you’re having one. Harry Canon, former Chair, ACPA Ethics Committee

    This past summer as I sat on my patio watching the hummingbirds dive bomb their feeder, I began to wonder how so many of them lived in the ...

  • From One Dupont Circle: Quarterly Update

    You have made it to the half way mark!

    Fall 2005 opening is a memory and the anticipation of finals and the accomplishments of completing the first semester for the class of 2009, reflects ...

  • Journal of the Minnesota College Personnel Association

    Journal of the Minnesota College Personnel Association

    Interview with Daniel Macari, Editor

    This fall marks the launching of the Journal of the Minnesota College Personnel Association. The journal states that its purpose is to “…provide opportunities for professional development through communication and sharing of ideas among practitioners within the state of Minnesota….” This is a celebratory occasion as the journal is one of the first among the ACPA state/international divisions. Developments took a moment to interview Dr. Daniel Macari, editor of the new journal. Daniel is a faculty member in the Department of ...

  • Coming Home for the First Time: History, Family and University in Malta
    Scott C. Brown
    Mount Holyoke College

    Colleges and universities provide a galvanizing backdrop where students continue to forge their personal identities. As an educator, I have assisted students on their journey towards greater self-knowledge, to help them discover who they are and how to frame that moving picture of their own ...