Developments, Volume 3, Issue 3 (Fall 2005)

  • From One Dupont Circle

    Welcome back to the beginning of another exciting academic year on the thousands of campuses and virtual networks across the globe. Our more than 8,000 members are once again ready and eager to assist students with their learning objectives for the coming year.

    Here in the ...

  • When does a Collegiate Newspaper Adviser have First Amendment Rights?

    Freedom of the press rights of student publications were established in the late 1960’s and early 1970’s. For example, the Courts have made clear that the editorial content of student newspapers is protected ...

  • Project 3R Ends after Three Successful Years

    Deaf and Hard of Hearing (D/HH) college students face different challenges today than in years past. Because of the passage of laws such as the Americans with Disabilities Act, those students are allowed to attend practically any school they want, with the right ...

  • Research Opportunity

    Research Opportunity

    A research study designed to examine attrition from the student affairs profession is underway. Current student affairs professionals are being asked to help identify potential participants by providing the research team with the names and contact information of former student affairs professionals who left the field within the past 10 years; no longer work for a college or university; or have left student affairs but work in another division of a university or college. These participants will ...

  • Student Affairs Study Tour to Australia

    From Washington, DC, Australia is over 10,000 miles away; from Los Angeles, it’s only a mere 7,800 miles. No matter the point of departure, the trek to Australia, affectionately know as “The Land Down Under,” by 40 participants and 5 faculty members ...

  • ACPA Awards Call for Nominations

    Celebrating Our Accomplishments – Comemorando Nossas Realizações – Adhimisha Wetu Ukamili – Célébration de Nos Accomplissements – gkKPT DgkWscpd – празднать наши выполнения – Firande Vår Utförandena – Celebrating Nostrum Factum – εορτασμóς των ολοκληρώσεών μας – Noj tsiab hauj lwm

    Whether in English, Portuguese, Swahili, French, Cherokee, Russian, Swedish, Latin, Greek, or Hmong, as a higher education community we are ...

  • ACPA Books and Media Call for Proposals

    ACPA Books and Media Call for Proposals

    Do you have a good idea for a book? ACPA Books and Media, the book-publishing arm of ACPA, is soliciting proposals for book-length manuscripts. While we welcome proposals on any topic in line with the mission and goals of ACPA, we have a particular interest in receiving proposals on the following topics:

    • Racial/ethnic identity development
    • Issues facing men in college
    • Student affairs work in community colleges
    • Student affairs work in religiously-affiliated colleges
    • Student affairs work in HBCU’s
    • Student ...
  • Not Such a World Apart: What an Other-Worldly Convention Can Tell Us About Ours

    The scene: December 2002, the first ACPA 2004 convention planning committee meeting in Philadelphia. As I walk to our meeting room, a person with a latex mask and a long billowing black cloak strolls casually towards me. ...

  • From the Editor

    From the Editor

    I take great pleasure in welcoming a new look for Developments with this issue. Developments has evolved over the years, and this issue will be our first fully web-based and accessible issue. The national office has worked with me over the past two years to make this happen. The content will continue to be similar, but the document will now be more integrated with other ACPA web pages and resources. Please feel free to give feedback ...

  • Ethical Dialogue and Responsible Stewardship

    This has been a very busy conference season for me, having had the opportunity to attend three student affairs conferences in a three-week period. In addition to NASPA and ACPA, I was also privileged to speak at the Caribbean ...



    What’s the difference between a Standing Committee and a Commission? What is a Core Council and what do those groups do? How does the Executive Council and National Office Staff work together and what roles do they play?

    For several years we have been ...

  • The Donna M. Bourassa Mid-Level Management Institute Experience

    Mid-Managers. Are you one? Do you aspire to be one? If you answered “yes,” then ACPA’s Mid-Level Management Institute is just what you need!

    This past January I had the opportunity to attend the Mid-Level Management Institute. ...

  • Sudent Development Theory as a Foundation for Educational Practice: A Call to the Profession

    Sudent Development Theory as a Foundation for Educational Practice: A Call to the Profession

    The following article presents the outcomes of discussions from a student development think tank held in November 2002 in Indianapolis and funded by a grant from ACPA’s Educational Leadership Foundation. The think tank was an outgrowth of programs on student development theory held at the 2001 and 2002 ACPA National Conventions in which both presenters and participants affirmed the importance of student development theory. The ...

  • Technology in Student Affairs

    Technology in Student Affairs

    In every aspect of student affairs, technological events influence change. Almost every staff member uses a computer to improve communication, provide more effective management, gain knowledge, or provide information. Over the past several years websites have evolved from an “add-on” to an essential element for providing information and interacting with students. Today, websites are used to seek information, assess, and strategically evaluate and enhance programs and services. They are used as interactive tools for students ...

  • Expanding Access to Study Abroad for Disadvantaged Students

    The United States has long been the largest receiver of international students, dominating about 20% of the global market.  However, the country has not been as successful in terms of sending students abroad.  According to data collected by the Continue