Developments, Volume 13, Issue 3 (Spring 2015)

  • Be our Guest: A Conflict Over Transient Student Services

    Note: This article was written under Marisa’s previous role at Columbus State Community College. All institutional references are to Columbus State Community College.

    Community college services remain busy throughout all three of the main semesters: Fall, Spring, and Summer. Due largely in part to a non-traditional population, accelerated degree programs, technical career fields, and alternative scheduling, two-year college students often attend ...

  • Expanding Access to Study Abroad for Disadvantaged Students

    The United States has long been the largest receiver of international students, dominating about 20% of the global market.  However, the country has not been as successful in terms of sending students abroad.  According to data collected by the Open Doors report, only about 1% of all United States college students study abroad during their collegiate ...

  • A Conversation with Dr. Stan Carpenter

    “I think that I can distill most of what I have just saying that being professional is being ethical and vice versa.  It is unethical to practice without knowledge, or worse, with it being ignored.”

    Stan Carpenter

    As I was thinking about writing my column for this issue of Developments, I decided to bring in someone I consider to be a strong ethical ...

  • Becoming a Better Ally: Reflections from ACPA 2015

    Although a great deal of literature calls attention to the lived experience of the gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, queer, intersex, and questioning (GLBTQIQ) community, very little attention has been given to the lived experience of allies and providing practical applications of examining uncomfortable growth areas in one’s allyship.  Upon return from ACPA’s 2015 Convention in Tampa, FL, I reflect upon my learning ...

  • Bridging the Academic/Student Affairs Divide: Gaining Perspective to Create Partnerships

    Often in reflection of my work and life, I find myself wishing I knew early in my career what I know now.  I have had the good fortune to transition my 26 year career as a student affairs administrator to a full-time, tenure-track faculty member in the Department of Counselor Education.  My long career in student affairs prepared me to ...

  • Elevating Native American College Students’ Sense of Belonging in Higher Education

    Native American students are an underrepresented minority group in higher education, representing less than 1% of all college-going students in the United States (Ginder & Kelly-Reid, 2013).  Although they represent a small proportion of the college student population in the United States, it is important to research Native American students’ experiences in ...

  • College Men at the Intersection of Masculinity & Spirituality

    In recognition of the recent 30th anniversary of the Standing Committee on Men & Masculinities (SCMM), the SCMM has launched a series exploring the concept of intersectionality as it relates to collegiate men.  Contributing authors will explore how dimensions of race, religion, gender, and other social identities converge and shape the experiences of college men and how higher education professionals can best ...

  • From One Dupont Circle: Partner

    This column is the final in a series about ACPA’s L.A.M.P. (Lead. Amplify. Mobilize. Partner.) strategy for working together as community and as an association.

    I want to ask a serious question to each of us in the field of student affairs/life/services/support. How do we best partner and with whom do we partner to advance the field of student learning and development?  ...

  • Fulfilling our Promise to Students: Fostering and Demonstrating Student Learning and Success

    The benefit of June, July, and August on many college campuses is that the pace slows down allowing time for reflection and planning for the coming academic year. I’ve spent those months continuing to consider our role as college student educators in fostering student learning and success.

    Currently, a great deal of focus is on student learning in higher education. President ...

  • From the Editor – Fall 2015

    I am always struck by the seasons of transition – fall and spring. My own life has been filled with several transitions the past few months: moving to a new role in the profession as a faculty member at Sam Houston State University; a new city and state, with all the excitement, trepidation, and cost associated; and attempting to ...