Developments, Volume 12, Issue 1 (Spring 2014)

  • Frome the Editor: Let Us Be

    Paul Eaton

    Let us be Vulnerable

    Before I preview the thought-provoking scholarship present in this issue of Developments, I wanted to follow the advice of Dr. Brene Brown, who many of us will see next week in Indianapolis in the featured HEd Talk Speakers Sessions.  The advice is to be vulnerable; to let ourselves be fully seen so we may invite into our lives love, connection, and authenticity.

    The past few months, I have observed in those around me a bit of struggle. I have noticed ...

  • A First Step: The Unique Needs of Two Community College Populations

    A First Step: The Unique Needs of Two Community College Populations

    Marisa Vernon
    Columbus State Community College
    Cassi Stewart
    Columbus State Community College
    Lorrie Ritchey
    Columbus State Community College

    While foundations of student and academic affairs remain similar when professionals move between selective to open-enrollment institutions, perhaps the steepest learning curve is associated with understanding some unique aspects of the student experience. When the doors of an institution are propped open to all, the ...

  • Considering the Consequences of Increasing Reliance on Outsourcing and Contingent Labor in Higher Education

    Neal H. Hutchens
    Pennsylvania State University

    To what extent should student affairs professionals be concerned about the outsourcing of services or the use of contingent labor in higher education?  One of the most pressing issues facing colleges and universities deals with the creation of a financial structure capable of sustaining the higher education enterprise.  As part of searching for ways to control costs, one strategy increasingly looked to by institutions involves reliance on staff ...

  • Managing the Explosion of Technology: Recommendations for Student Affairs Administrators

    Managing the Explosion of Technology: Recommendations for Student Affairs Administrators

    Matthew R. Shupp
    Shippensburg University of Pennsylvania
    Jan Harris
    Community College of Philadelphia & St. John’s University

    Why does it seem like so few students are bothered by the all-too common ringing or vibrating of a cell phone? Or, perhaps even more perplexing, why those same students answer the phone during class? A fellow student affairs professional shared a story where a student responded to a text message during a job interview. Our students’ ...

  • The Interconnectedness of Scholarship-Practice: A Perspective from a Practitioner-Scholar
    Ann M. Gansemer-Topf
    Iowa State University

    As a new faculty member teaching graduate students in student affairs, I am keenly aware of my responsibility to not only disseminate knowledge about the field, but to help students develop and define their roles as scholar-practitioners. In designing my syllabi, or planning learning outcomes, I attempt to answer the following questions: How will this information develop students’ understanding and ability to engage in scholarly work? How will the activities ...

  • Global Citizenship and Tertiary Education: A Time for Change

    Global Citizenship and Tertiary Education: A Time for Change

    Joy L. Hart
    University of Louisville
    Tom Jackson
    University of Louisville
    Kandi L. Walker
    University of Louisville
    Gregory Roberts
    ACPA – College Student Educators International
    Robert B. Ludeman
    International Association of Student Affairs and Services

    As the world has become more interconnected through globalization, the ...

  • ACPA and the Role of Technology: Technology Then and Now: From Telephone Trees to Social Media

    Danielle J. Alsandor
    Louisiana State University

    Over the past two decades higher education has undergone multiple changes. Some undesirable ones have occurred, such as decreased state funding and stagnant federal financial aid rates for grants and the loss of work-study for summer enrollment. However, some positive changes have occurred as ...

  • ACPA’s Influence on Equity and Inclusion: “Becoming More Fully Human:” Transforming Student Affairs through Social Justice

    Brian J. Reece
    University of Oregon

    Finding its roots in a partnership with the National Association of Deans of Women as the National Association of Appointment Secretaries in 1924, ACPA-College Student Educators International (ACPA) has perhaps always had a predisposition for social justice education (ACPA, 2013c). As early as ...

  • Next Gen 2014: Reinventing Student Affairs for Social Justice

    Next Gen 2014: Reinventing Student Affairs for Social Justice

    Next Gen 2014 is a unique opportunity for undergraduate students to learn about careers in student affairs. The conference will introduce participants to ACPA – College Student Educators International and student affairs, invite them to consider opportunities for professional involvement and graduate preparation, develop strong connections among participants, and facilitate meaningful interactions between participants, practitioners, and scholars.

    ACPA’s Next Generation Conference (Next Gen 2014) will take place Saturday and Sunday, March 29-30, 2014, prior to the start of the ACPA 2014 Convention in Indianapolis.  Registration is $125.  In addition, Next Gen 2014 participants may register for the ACPA 2014 Convention at ...

  • Quarterly Update: One Dupont Circle

    Gregory Roberts
    ACPA Executive Director

    Greetings to All!

    The 90th Anniversary of ACPA – College Student Educators International will begin with the Indianapolis Convention and the celebration will continue throughout the year (1924 – 2014).  We owe a tremendous debt to May Chaney, our first president and one of the original founders of ACPA.  Just ...

  • From the President

    From the President

    Kathleen G. Kerr
    ACPA President

    My last article in Developments as President of ACPA – College Student Educators International is arriving to you immediately before the ACPA Convention in Indianapolis. The Convention theme is Reinvent You. Us. Indy. and I hope that in a couple days you will experience the many exciting innovations we have incorporated into this year’s convention.

    Each ...