ACPA Books and Media Call for Proposals

ACPA Books and Media Call for Proposals

Do you have a good idea for a book? ACPA Books and Media, the book-publishing arm of ACPA, is soliciting proposals for book-length manuscripts. While we welcome proposals on any topic in line with the mission and goals of ACPA, we have a particular interest in receiving proposals on the following topics:

  • Racial/ethnic identity development
  • Issues facing men in college
  • Student affairs work in community colleges
  • Student affairs work in religiously-affiliated colleges
  • Student affairs work in HBCU’s
  • Student affairs work in Tribal colleges
  • Student affairs work in international settings
  • Study abroad
  • International student services
  • Native American college students
  • Muslim college students
  • Evangelical Christian students
  • Addressing students’ psychological/psychiatric issues in student affairs
  • Counseling issues in student affairs

If you have an idea for a book, please contact the Books and Media Editor, Nancy Evans, at [email protected] with a brief outline of your interests. She will be happy to respond to inquiries and to provide further information about the process for submitting a proposal.

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